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Below are some resources for various issues when bringing a new dog in the home. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Bringing home your new dog:

Helping your dog decompress after being in the shelter:

The 3-3-3 Rule and bringing home a rescue dog

Introducing your dog to a new dog:

And a helpful article about dog introductions:

Introducing dogs to cats:

Informational Flyer

Housebreaking dogs of all ages:

Adult-dog house training:

Beginning obedience training:

Crate training (Crates are not meant to be used long term or for many hours per day. Rather, they are a helpful tool for the process of training a dog to be non-destructive while home alone):

Socializing adolescent dogs:

Helping your dog develop impulse control:

 Helping dogs and babies interact safely:

Introducing dogs to children:

Don't push the growl

Here are a couple great posters for you to teach your children how to interact with dogs:



Please visit some of our other favorite and most referred to websites:

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