Picture Perfect

A great photo is often key in helping shelter dogs find their forever homes. But what to do when the gorgeous and charming doggy subject doesn’t cooperate with the camera? What if the perfect dog portrait just doesn’t happen in spite of everyone’s best efforts?

We keep trying until we get a good picture, of course, but in the meantime, there is still a wonderful dog stuck at the shelter waiting to be discovered, whether there’s a good photo of him posted online or not.

Stunningly handsome Austin is a perfect case study. Several talented volunteers worked their tails off last Sunday to get this one okay photo of him, but he was clearly too busy wondering where his forever family is to bother with glamour shots.

Austin is a shy, careful, and gentle soul who really suffers in the noisy, stressor-filled shelter environment. To see him in person is to fall in love, but to see him online is to wonder why he won’t look at the camera. Portraiture was just too much for him that day, and while we’re sure we will eventually get a series of great shots of him, in the meantime we hope you’ll still take a close look at Austin and other dogs like him whose shelter photos aren’t so great (or in some cases are downright awful). With limited volunteers and resources, it takes time to get great shots of all the dogs.

Visiting the shelter in person is a great way to meet dogs who may not seem so dazzling online. You wouldn’t choose your life partner based on an online photo and description, and it’s a good idea not to choose your dog that way either. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a face to face interaction is priceless in finding the canine love of your life. So come meet Austin and the rest of our portrait-challenged pups today!