Help with Managing Dog Behavior Issues

Help for Your Large-Breed Dog 

If you have adopted a large-breed dog from Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive and would like one-on-one help with how to manage common dog-behavior issues, please email us at Peter Pan to schedule a one-time fees-waived help session.

The sessions typically take place on Sunday mornings and last approximately 20 minutes. During this time, you can ask questions about any issues you are having with your dog, and you can begin to learn basic obedience training and dog handling skills. If your dog has a specific issue you need assistance with, the focus of the session will be on helping you learn to handle the issue.

Be sure to bring with you:

  • High Value Treats such as chicken or other meat, cheese, or whatever your dog loves
  • A secure collar or harness and leash
  • A positive attitude

Identifying Behavior Issues

Many dog behavior issues require some back-and-forth questions from us and answers from you before we can understand the problem you are dealing with and its possible root causes. When considering your dog’s issues and emailing us about them, please think about what is happening in descriptive terms. For instance, instead of saying your dog is “scared around new people,” a description would be “he cowers and tucks his tail when anyone new approaches him in the home or out on walks.” Describe the behaviors you are seeing, the times of day when they occur, the settings in which they happen, and the people or other animals present. Also, if food, toys or treats are involved, please include that information. If the behavior occurs in multiple settings and around multiple people or animals, this is necessary for us to know.

Please email us at to seek specific help for your dog.