Fairy Tale Updates!

Many times we don’t hear back from the dog’s in our program’s new families. If you’ve adopted a dog from our program and would like to give us an update, we’d really appreciate it! Seeing the dogs in the forever homes and having turned the page to their previous chapter is such a warm feeling for our volunteers. If you have time, please send updates and pictures by email or at our Facebook page.

Ms. Zita

Ms. ZitaZita was in our program for a total of a little over four months. She was all puppy and had a brilliant zest for life that left us all smiling. She presented with a skin condition and went into our foster program for several weeks. She came back to the shelter and was adopted by a wonderful loving family who reports that they dote on her and she fits in very well with new fur brother, Caliber and three non-fur siblings ages 10, 9 and 3. Happy tails Zita! We’re so happy you’re loved so well!