Enchanting Kelsey

ID #A636867

Age: 2 years

Likes: other dogs ♡ kids and adults ❤ chilling out ♥ belly rubs ☺ evening strolls ☼

More About Me:

Two-year-old Kelsey, with her gorgeous black and white coat, is quite petite and completely adorable. She will make an excellent family dog! She’s very affectionate and eager for attention from people, and she also has a fun-loving, playful side. When walking around the shelter, she is all tail wags and smiles when she sees both adults and children. She is great with verbal cues and is attentive to what people want from her. She REALLY wants to interact with other dogs, and she would be best paired with another medium-energy dog like herself. Kelsey, like many a Sacramento resident, thinks the hot weather lately is the pits. On a recent hot day, she wasn’t so interested in going on a walk as she was basking in the cool shade, where she happily stretched out for belly rubs. Kelsey is interested in treats and takes them VERY gently. She seems to know the sit command, and she might know more, but she was too busy flopping onto her back to cool off for us to find out more. She can be exuberant but also knows how to quickly calm down and relax. Kelsey’s pretty black coat has some unusual white flashes that make her especially cute, while her small size make her easy to handle.

This fun-loving beauty is eagerly awaiting her forever home and can’t wait to meet you!

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