Choose Me!

Through no fault of their own, some dogs find themselves at the shelter longer than others. Some even linger for months, in spite of being volunteer favorites and wonderful, intelligent, loving animals. These are truly great dogs who just haven’t been lucky enough to be adopted. As they linger in their kennels, they may bark too much when adopters walk by, jump on their kennel doors–just a bit too loudly crying out, “Choose me! Choose me!” Others respond to kennel stress by withdrawing and deciding it’s not worth trying to engage with every person who walks by. It’s such a shame because as the volunteers who work with these dogs know, they can be awesome pets if given a chance. We ask you to PLEASE don’t judge these dogs by their in-kennel behavior. It’s not at all representative of what they are like when they’re out and relating to people.

So we present a group of dogs who really deserve to find their forever homes now. They’re each uniquely wonderful, and they each have been overlooked for too long. Let’s give them the special attention they deserve!