Lewis 🐶

Animal ID#: A321001 Dog Name: Lewis Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 7 years This gorgeous guy is absolutely amazing! He just has such a calm and lovely demeanor and is gentle in every way! He’s lovely with people and so deserves the same treatment in return! He can be shy at first meet, but little … More Lewis 🐶

Claire 🐶

Animal ID#: A224229 Dog Name: Claire Dog Sex: Spayed Female Approximate Age: 8 years How can anyone not fall in love with this voluptuous perfection?! This gorgeous gal is mannerly, gentle, easy-breezy – just the sweetest, most lovely dog ever! We suspect she would be OK with mannerly children. She participates in shelter playgroups with … More Claire 🐶

Dodge 🐶

Animal ID#: A320882 Dog Name: Dodge Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 3 years This is one gorgeous smart cookie! He’s all about the adventure and activeness and loves to patrol the whole yard to make sure everything’s OK! Then he comes in for some loving and hugs! He’s affectionate and wants to please! We suspect … More Dodge 🐶

Cheetoh 🐶

Animal ID#: A320768 Dog Name: Cheetoh Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 3 years This gorgeous boy is as sweet, soft and adorable as it gets! He’s shy when he meets new people, and gentle and playful dogs are they way to this boy’s heart! He is much more outgoing and all-around happier when other dogs … More Cheetoh 🐶

Knox 🐶

Animal ID#: A320553 Dog Name: Knox Dog Sex: Neutered Male Approximate Age: 1 year We are head over heels for this amazing beefcake! He’s gorgeous, affectionate, soft, fun – all yummy goodness! He can be a tad shy at first meet, but quickly melts and wants to be as close as possible with you! He … More Knox 🐶

Rusty 🐶

Animal ID#: A320442 Dog Name: Rusty Dog Sex: Neutered Male Approximate Age: 9 months Rock star alert! This stunning young guy is all about the fun and play! He’s active, adventurous, fun as can be, affectionate and is the life of the party! We suspect he would be OK with children, keeping in mind this … More Rusty 🐶

Gidget 🐶

Animal ID#: A320151 Dog Name: Gidget Dog Sex: Female Approximate Age: 5 years Gorgeous rock star alert! This gal is absolutely lovely in every way! She’s gentle, mannerly, not pushy for attention but definitely enjoys it, easy-going and that perfect medium energy! She loves to get her run on but then is ready to relax! … More Gidget 🐶

Ike 🐶

Animal ID#: A319724 Dog Name: Ike Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 18 months This stunner is such a good boy! He starts off a bit shy, but with a little sweet talking and loving, he shows off his adorable silly side. He’s adventurous, silly and energetic, with a gentle and mannerly side. We suspect he … More Ike 🐶

Petunia 🐶

  Animal ID#: A320020 Dog Name: Petunia Dog Sex: Female Approximate Age: 4 Years This is one precious, soft and beautiful girl! She is one gentle, mannerly, lovely, easy-going and easy-breezy girl! She walks lovely on leash as well! She simply wants to be your loving sidekick and constant companion! She participates in shelter playgroups … More Petunia 🐶