Gidget 🐶

Animal ID#: A320151 Dog Name: Gidget Dog Sex: Female Approximate Age: 5 years Gorgeous rock star alert! This gal is absolutely lovely in every way! She’s gentle, mannerly, not pushy for attention but definitely enjoys it, easy-going and that perfect medium energy! She loves to get her run on but then is ready to relax! … More Gidget 🐶

Saint 🐶

Animal ID#: A320024 Dog Name: Saint Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 1 year, 8 months This gorgeous guy is one of the softest dogs we’ve met! He’s very shy, but getting low and talking to him really help! He will start to trust and then hides behind you in the most endearing way. Shelter life … More Saint 🐶

Wade 🐶

Animal ID#: A319412 Dog Name: Wade Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 1 year, 5 months Hello gorgeous! He’s easy-going and easy-breezy! He loves being your sidekick and just sitting by your side. He has a lovely independent streak and isn’t pushy for attention. He loves to get his run on and using his nose! He … More Wade 🐶