Chloe 🐶

Animal ID#: A334439 Dog Name: Chloe Dog Sex: Female Approximate Age: 7 years This precious gal is absolutely the best dog ever! This amazingly special girl has been used up for breeding and no one has taken time to care for her as a family pet and yet she is the kindest, softest, most loving … More Chloe 🐶

Piper 🐶

Animal ID#: A333889 Dog Name: Piper Dog Sex: Spayed Female Approximate Age: 9 years Hands down – this is the most amazing dog ever! She is absolutely lovely! She came into the shelter in horrible shape and yet has shown nothing but kindness, sweetness, love and affection. She’s gentle and mannerly. We suspect she’d be … More Piper 🐶

Bean 🐶

Animal ID#: A332986 Dog Name: Bean Dog Sex: Female Approximate Age: 2 years Our hearts break for this gal. Such a sad case. She’s in poor condition, underweight, her skin is a mess, she has masses, and has not been cared for and has not been treated kindly. With any hand movements, she instantly moves … More Bean 🐶

Nellie 🐶

Animal ID#: A332865 Dog Name: Nellie Dog Sex: Female Approximate Age: 3 years Rock star alert! This gal is gorgeous and amazing! She is gentle, mannerly, easy-breezy and offers kisses at first meet! She’s absolutely lovely with an amazing demeanor! We suspect she would be OK with mannerly children. She participates in shelter playgroups with … More Nellie 🐶

Levi 🐶

Animal ID#: A332849 Dog Name: Levi Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 11 months Rock star alert! This gorgeous boy is very soft boy, but also all sorts of silly! He loves to play keep away, but also has a mannerly and gentle side! He wants to please his people! We suspect he would be OK … More Levi 🐶

Denver 🐶

Animal ID#: A332826 Dog Name: Denver Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 5 years This gorgeous hunk just needs some TLC and kindness! He is a tad timid at first meet, but showing some niceness and love goes a long way! You can see this poor boy has been on the streets for some time. He’s … More Denver 🐶

Cody 🐶

Animal ID#: A332818 Dog Name: Cody Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 2 years This is one gorgeous adorable nugget! He’s a riot – all about the fun and the cuddles! He’s silly, loves zoomies and busts out play bows! It’s so cute! We suspect he would be OK with children. He would love another playful … More Cody 🐶

Ricky 🐶

Animal ID#: A332781 Dog Name: Ricky Dog Sex: Male Approximate Age: 5 years This is one super sweet, handsome boy who’s easy to please! He’s clearly been on the streets for a while, could use some weight gain and is on the mend from being a little beaten up. He has that lovely medium energy … More Ricky 🐶

Madison 🐶

Animal ID#: A332738 Dog Name: Madison Dog Sex: Female Approximate Age: 10 months Hello gorgeous! This gal may start off shy at first meet, but don’t believe it one bit! After a few seconds, she is all wiggles and silly business! She loves affection, but isn’t pushy about it. She’s fun and adventurous and gets … More Madison 🐶