Adventures in Shelter Dog Photography

One of our intrepid photographers, Shannon, comes in every Sunday to take pictures of dogs. Armed with lots of patience, a fast lens, and plenty of cute props, the end results of her efforts are beautiful. Meanwhile, the behind-the-scenes mishaps and adventures are often pretty entertaining.

Last weekend she photographed a gorgeous dog named Misty who was adopted the same day (yay!). Misty was an exceptionally photogenic girl, but she was also hilariously playful and not at all interested in behaving in the calm and docile manner that makes for easy photos. We thought Misty would look great in a burgundy feather boa, but she had other ideas. Turns out feather boas are fun to pounce on and shred to bits–who knew?!


By the end of her session, the entire room was filled with feathers, and Misty was having the time of her life. Although she has already found a home, her pictures were just too adorable not to share.


Thank you to our photographers, Shannon and Cassie, for all their hard work taking beautiful photos of our dogs. It’s not easy, but it’s always worth it!MISTY 1