Ziggy 🐶

  • Animal ID#: A320492
  • Dog Name: Ziggy
  • Dog Sex: Male
  • Approximate Age: 4 years
  • Rock star alert! This gorgeous dude is the life of the party, playful, fun, active, energetic and adventurous! He participates in shelter playgroups with playful dogs and would love a canine bud in his home! We suspect he would be OK with children, keeping in mind his activeness. He’s fabulous and so much fun!!!
  • He did great on his Dog Day Out: “Ziggy was a total goober and love bug! He was a bit nervous/skiddish (totally understandable), but he warms up to people within seconds. He did great in the car, even allowing for a 30 min drive to Lodi. He was a good boy on leash; his ears would perk up when new people or dogs were around – he seemed eager to play and make new friends. He clearly knows “sit” and will show this off. Once he gets extra comfy, he will lean into you and snuggle. He will try to give little gentle nibbles to your hair or arm as a thank you for scratches. He was really hesitant with going inside the house – but eventually warmed up to the idea of a Netflix afternoon (he is a dog that truly watches the TV!). He did not have a single accident in the home, which is impressive. He was pretty smitten with mirrors – likely checking out his adorable ears. Oh, and he sleeps with arms fully stretched out like superman. He truly is a sweet, chill, silly, loving dog. He will make such a great addition to a family.”

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Meeting Dogs at the Stockton Shelter

The shelter’s kennels are loud, stressful places for dogs. Some dogs express that stress by exhibiting behavior inside a kennel that they will not show otherwise. Please ask to take the dog you are interested into a play yard and spend some time getting to know him or her in that more relaxed environment. For more information on meeting dogs at the shelter, please read this article.

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