• Animal ID#: A308582
  • Dog Name: Sarge
  • Dog Sex: Male
  • Approximate Age: 4 years
  • This handsome boy is very mannerly, very sweet and gentle. He can be a tad shy with first meet, but baby talk speaks to his heart! Once he feels safe, he enjoys giving kisses and he loves butt scratches! No other dogs for this sweetie pie! He’s so ready to come home with you!

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When we say our beloved Sarge is always smiling – we mean it! Just look at this fan-favorite boy soaking up every moment of a lovely #SSPADogDayOut adventure with wonderful volunteer and foster Shelbie (of @portcitypitbull on Instagram)!
๐Ÿ—ฃ Shelbie said the following about our boy:
โ€œWhat a day we had, Sarge and I! He immediately popped up into the car and was ready to go when I picked him up. We went out to Buckley Cove to do a Trails for Tails go around, and he was great company!
โ€œAware that heโ€™s an only dog, I was unsure what that meant for him, and with a pleasant surprise, he stayed calm, cool and collected when we passed our first dog. He slowed down as we got close but never pulled, never lunged, never growled or barked, he just stared a little hard, but was otherwise fantastic! Such a good boy.
โ€œIt took him about a half mile to relax, but who wouldnโ€™t be excited when theyโ€™re away from the shelter – it was a completely tolerable adjustment time.
โ€œWe took a 5 mile walk around the marina and down to the orchards. I would confidently say he is a medium energy dog. He did great for the distance and kept a brisk pace. The final half mile he was a bit gassed.
โ€œWe headed over to Delta College campus to sniff around in the grass for a bit and calm down.
โ€œThis is when Sarge really showed heโ€™s not just a big tough guy; he wants a home, he wants a human. He looks right in your eyes and gives a brave smile. He stayed close when I sat in the grass and melted in my lap when I scratched his neck.
โ€œSarge showed no major or maladaptive behaviors in the day, but he needs somebody to show him the outside world isnโ€™t scary, itโ€™s just noisy sometimes.
โ€œ12/10 would recommend him to a bachelor or single household looking for a sidekick. He would be adored in any family, but I think a busy home would be too much for him.โ€

Meeting Dogs at the Stockton Shelter

The shelterโ€™s kennels are loud, stressful places for dogs. Some dogs express that stress by exhibiting behavior inside a kennel that they will not show otherwise. Please ask to take the dog you are interested into a play yard and spend some time getting to know him or her in that more relaxed environment. For more information on meeting dogs at the shelter, please read this article.

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