Weekly Adoptions 6-30-14

Look Who Found Their Forever Homes!

15 of our dogs were adopted this week, and we think that’s beyond awesome! Please help us celebrate these dogs finding their forever homes.

In addition to those 15 dogs, we had another 4 that we posted here asking for your help in finding foster homes–who went into foster care this week! Those dogs were Marky, Lola, Trinity, and Dizzy (now named Daisy). In addition, other dogs including Stevie also went into foster care (we don’t have an accurate count though, so we’ll just say YAY!). Finding foster homes is SO vital in helping keep our dogs safe and healthy while they await their forever homes, we can’t emphasize it enough. Thank you to our foster families, and if you are on the fence about fostering a dog, YES, WE STILL NEED YOU! Contact us at sacramentocountydogs@gmail.com.

Thank you to the adopters who are supporting our shelter by adopting from us. And thank you to our followers who help us out by liking our posts, sharing dogs, and visiting our website. Please continue to share our dogs with friends who may be interested. Your support is saving lives! (And to adoptive families, please do send us updates once your new family member has settled in! We LOVE to hear how they’re doing and see photos of them in their new lives.)

Following are the dogs who went home (note that Tyler was adopted last week, returned, and adopted again with lightning speed because he’s just THAT awesome).